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BluRock Wealth Management is an independent financial planning firm. We specialize in comprehensive financial planning: cash flow management, risk management, wealth management, retirement planning and estate planning. These comprehensive planning services are designed to incorporate all phases of our client’s lives.


At our clients are our first and primary objective. We work with our clients to devise a formal comprehensive strategy to help match and achieve their individual goals. BluRock Wealth Management is a no pressure, friendly environment where our client's financial concerns are heard and addressed.

BluRock Wealth Management specializes in independent financial services for clients’ in financial decisions to make concerning the marital home, division of assets, college funding, and their own path into Financial Freedom. We are here to create a supportive environment where client can come to not only understand their financial situation, but to learn how to manage their money independently, to reach their retirement goals and to help find their financial freedom. We also serve client who are trying to manage cash flow and assets possibly for the first time and professional women who are starting and maintaining their businesses.

It is our desire to offer a place where women can come to learn and to grow to the point where they can handle and be actively involved in the financial decisions that impact their lives.

BluRock Wealth Management also offers a wide variety of retirement planning for all types of clients including couples and corporate employees funding their own retirement plans as well as college planning and funding. We have over 15 years of Wealth Management experience and can assist all of our clients with potentially easing the worry of outliving their assets.


Are you currently saving enough to meet your retirement goals? What kind of house or car can you plan given your income and assets? We at BluRock help you with financial planning and investment management. Selecting investments for purchase in areas such as equity or fixed income markets, monitoring and rebalancing assets, ideally in accordance with a written investment policy. Apart from strategising financial planning, portfolio management, and financial services, we provide credentialed financial advice with wealth managers who not just coordinate retail banking, estate planning and legal resources and specialisation in wealth management. Portfolio investment techniques that address taxes on investment returns, are a part of issues that need to be tackled to manage our client's assets and resources. Hard earned origin of your finances, their quantity and value for you is our priority. To manage wealth is more than just financial planning. We encompass all parts of our client's financial life, and our idea is to provide a holistic approach with a single wealth manager to coordinate all services needed to manage their money for all current and financial needs. Financial advice, accounting, tax services, retirement planning and legal planning all are juggled with a dedicated team of professionals serving to craft your money to wealth, with inputs from our client's attorney, accountants and insurance agents. With world class expertise in accounting, investing, stock option planning, and enhancing the income, growth and tax favoured treatment of long term investors, we at BluRock, offer much more than just financial planning and wealth management.

We offer following specific solutions to our clients:

Below are the service offered by us to help you in investing for your various stages of your life so that you can live your life freely